The first calculator for accounting services

Unlike most goods and services, the accounting service has the peculiarity that its buyer can not always predict what the result at the end will be. Attention: The price of the service received is indicative.

DAL SIAT provides the services on the basis of a written contract, and the representation - on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

“Any unjustified expenses and obligations of the FIRST party (the CLIENT), arising from the activities of the SECOND (SK "DAL SIAT"), are at the expense of the SECOND party, if the written consent of the FIRST is not obtained in advance.”
“ The contract may be terminated in case the FIRST party does not approve a possible update of the price list for the following quarters. In this case, the SECOND party undertakes to continue servicing the FIRST party for another quarter at outdated prices, if the latter are not below the minimum. ”
“ Payment is made by monthly subscription or for each individual service. ”
“ Remuneration is determined according to the price list and additional arrangements,… ”

Criteria for pricing

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