Clients about us

What customers express to us is recognition and appreciation, which are as much praise for us as they oblige us to maintain a high level and quality of service.

Prof. Nansen Behar

Chairman of ISPA
Member of the 38th National Assembly
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the UPEE

Mrs. Ivet Hristova

Manager of Consumpharm OOD

Mrs. Galya Petkova

Manager of Cash Express Service EOOD

DEC Alexander Dimitrov

Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Agriculture
Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Poland (1996-1998)
Adviser to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria (1992-1996)

Mrs. Slavka Zaneva

Manager of Nikimex EOOD

Mrs. Diana Mladenova

Manager of Padia EOOD

Mr. Emiliyan Enev

Irena Mitkova Hristova

Director of 129 DG "Prikazen Svyat"