Public engagement

Since its consitution in 1990, the leadership of DAL SIAT has realized its commitment to those segments of society that represent the conscience, spirit and future of the nation. This is the reason possible funds have not been saved in support of figures in the scope of science, culture and art.

Our contribution

We are not in the least deluded that our contribution, no matter how significant, does not make us less indebted to every writer, poet, artist, actor, musician, singer, and to any other artist who has overcome the difficulties of the so-called "transitional period" and presented his work to the public.

Thanks to them we have not lost the human in ourselves, the Bulgarian spirit and the smile of our children. That is why we will provide the opportunity to representatives of these circles to share their views on the public engagement of DAL SIAT.

"Fate introduced us to DEC Adnan Lydianov in the 90's on a wonderful children's TV show "Neshto nyakakvo takova", which grew into a real friendship not only with himself but with his entire team. Apart from his career as a proven professional, DEC Lydianov continues to support Bulgarian culture and art, and over the years this support has become a real friendship with many famous cultural figures. Thanks for the sincerity ...

Haygashod Aghasyan

Instrumentalist, Singer and Composer

"Native art is a hope for a better quality of life. We could not comment on the professional qualities of the accounting firm "Dal Siat", but based on the personal charm, honesty, friendly dedication and charm of the Lydianov family, we applaud its professional peak! The love of the general director of "Dal Siat" for the Bulgarian Culture is huge! He is one of her few true patrons! Like a small particle of ...

Katya and Zdravko

Duet Riton

Mihail Belchev

Poet and Singer

"It was an honor and a pleasure for me to work together on the eagerly awaited TV holiday "Koledna Radost"! The show, prepared with a lot of suffering and love and presenting the young talents of Bulgaria in the tradition of the favorite for several generations TV show "Kato lavovete" met with millions of viewers on bTV on the first day of the new year 2011 THANKS TO YOU! Thanks to the invaluable assistance of DAL SIAT ...

Nikolay Aprilov

Director and presenter

"The culture of a nation usually outlives the ambitions of its rulers. Because (sorry for the immodesty, I will quote one of my aphorisms): “Politics is also creativity. With the difference that politicians leave behind much more ingenious misconceptions than ingenious masterpieces". And we live in just such a time. Which, by the way, is not alien to Bulgarian history. It is good that there have been, there are and (I hope) there will be honest patriots who respect their own ...

Georgi Tuliyski

Poet and Journalist

"When our rulers, amid noisy rallies and high hopes, forgot that we have children growing up, in the early 1990s the DAL SIAT-sponsored children's family television show "Neshto nyakakvo takova" dates back to our collaboration. Expressing my gratitude and appreciation to "DAL SIAT" I refer to all entrepreneurs who during the difficult years realized their public debt and invested in the Bulgarian, ...

Bobby Show

Illusionist, Honorary Member of the World Organization for Work with Children

"Apart from the subject of its activity, DAL SIAT has its own merits for the cultural development of Bulgaria. Led by Adnan Lydianov, Doctor of Economics, it maintains close and fruitful ties with Bulgaria's intellectual elite. He supports and sponsors publications in the field of literature and history. I will mention only one fact: among the books published by DAL SIAT in 1995, is the book "Zapiski oy sekretnite arhivi" - first edition. It's known ...

Prof. Angel Vekov


"The culture keeps the ancestral roots. Culture guarantees the future of man. Culture also improves business because it contributes to the optimal solutions in it. That is why investments in culture are valuable and lasting. Money is won and money is lost, but what is invested in culture remains. In our tense and harsh times, few businessmen have thought and realized this. One of the few is DEC Adnan Lydianov. Even with the opening of "Dal Siat", DEC Adnan Lydianov bet on ...

Atanas Zvezdinov

Poet, Writer, Journalist

"I met DEC Adnan Lydianov, of course, through a children's show on Bulgarian National Television. From my first contact I felt that in front of me stood a deeply noble, sensitive and talented person. I will never forget my first contact with DEC Lydianov - already as a producer of the film "Zapiski po balgarskite mafii". Then I realized what a powerful creative ally I have in his face. Dal Siat is also a co-author of many of my shows - "Cabare Balgaran", ...

Valentin Plamenov


Mrs. Rositsa Pandova

Manager of NPO "Kultura bez granitsi"

Mrs. Galya Kodzhamanova

Founder and artistic director of VG SMEHORANCHETA

Djina and Ivan Ivanovi
Mr. Kiril Ikonomov

Composer, director and musician

Mrs. Nadia Topalova