With our work we determine the standard of living, our acquaintances and friends, as well as the spiritual and physical pleasures we enjoy.

Open positions

Junior accountant

Internship program

Office Associate


What makes Dal Siat a more attractive place for professional development?

Increasing opportunities

Opportunity to get acquainted with the draft laws, with modern market trends, as well as with specialized professional issues;

Experience is not a requirement

The predetermined mission of the accounting company Dal Siat to be a vocational school breaks the myth - "capable are those who have experience before starting work".

We live better

Based on our beliefs that work is not a pleasure, but a vital need for realization, together we learn how to live with dignity and better;

Further improvement

Serving leading market companies from different sectors is an opportunity for a short time to improve knowledge and skills in various accounting and consulting areas;

Commitment to community service

Fearing to be infected by the general commercialization that surrounds us, with our publications, as well as the various events we engage in, we boast of friendly circles of cultural, scientific and artistic figures.

Open positions

Junior accountant

Internship program - Conditions for application

Regarding the application requirements

One of the most common mistakes is carelessness in preparing your resume. It is the first message from which we try to guess how seriously the candidate takes our job position.

We do not need the photo, except as an additional element to identify the candidate. It allows better performance. The outdated photo is a bigger minus than the lack of one.

When applying, it is advisable to be clear about when it is possible for you to appear for an interview, to get a job, as well as to announce your claims.

In case you appear for an interview, your appearance is not unimportant - we live in a society in which the proverb "On the clothes they meet on the mind they send" applies. In Dal Siat, the rule is not to be repulsed for your appearance and not to be sent away for the same.