By our work we define as quality of life, our known and friendly circles, as spiritual and physical pleasures, which we enjoy.

We learn so as to work with pleasure!
We brag with our professional realization!
We are proud of the attitude of the rest toward the product of our labor!
We live to leave our mark on the environment and/or public and/or human thought!
What makes Dal Siat more attractive space for professional development?

Since its creation in 1990 Dal Siat strives to take advantage, as the most modern equipment and technology, as the scientific developments in its management;
The determination of how to apply for jobs and growth in the hierarchy are accurately and clearly regulated in the internal regulations and policy adopted for assessment and payment of the work, which in turn ensure a fair and equitable remuneration;
Management commitment with different business structures, public affairs and academia provides the team of Dal Siat unique opportunity to get acquainted with the draft, and the modern market trends, as well as specialized professional issues;
Predestined mission of accounting company Dal Siat to be vocational school breaks the myth - "capable are those who before starting employment have experience, that have studied elsewhere". The internship, to join the team of Dal Siat, has never been a requirement;
Serving market leading companies, from different economic sectors, provides each member of the group the opportunity for a short time to improve their skills and knowledge in various accounting and consulting areas;
Cultivating and organizing the provided in the internal regulations informal events, creates a warm friendly atmosphere;
Based on our belief that labor is not a pleasure, but vital necessity for the realization, together we learn how to live worthy better;
Realizing nationwide interests we feel obliged to integrate into the European family with increasing productivity, to be more competitive;
Fearing to be infected with the universal commercialism that surrounds us, with our editions of books, CDs, and more, and various events that we are involved in, we boast with friendly circles of workers of culture, science and art;
Having ambition and will, with us you will succeed, and we on the other hand will be happy to help you to join our team.

The life that I deserve is determined by the way I work

As regards to requirements for applying:

One of the most common mistakes is to negligence in preparing your resume. It is the first message from which we try to guess how the candidate is serious about declared by us working position. In our attempt to be helpful we turn your attention to: "Ten golden rules for a perfect curriculum vitae (CV)" by Todor Hristov published on JobHow.org.

The picture for us is not necessary, except as an additional element for the identification of the applicant. It allows better performance. Not current picture is larger minus than the lack of one. See "Pros and Cons for image in CV" by Mike Ram of nova-rabota.com.

When applying it is advisable to clear of when you might take an interview to do the job, and to declare your claims /if you have any/.

In case you attend an interview it is not irrelevant your appearance - we live in a society in which is of importance the folk saying "The clothes welcome the mind sees off." In Dal Siat the rule is not to be put off because of your appearance and not to be sent off because of the same.

Open positions at the moment:
Стажант в Счетоводен отдел

And do not forget that people who have a sense of humor, have better professional results!


Счетоводна къща Дал Сиат обработва личните Ви данни в съответствие с Регламент (ЕС) 2016/679 на Европейския парламент и на Съвета от 27 април 2016 година (наричан по-долу „Общ регламент относно защитата на данните“) и Закона за защита на личните данни, съобразно § 1, точка 1 и 5 от Допълнителните разпоредби на Закона за защита на личните данни.

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