Priorities and vision

"Following our priorities, we affirm our advantage among professionals."

About clients served by Dal Siat

Our clients are not just one of the end users of our service accordingly means only source of livelihood of the team of the accounting company, they are the main component of the sphere of realization as the product of the collective accountant as each of us.

  • The interest of the client to obtain our services at the lowest price does not diminish our commitment to be most useful to him and his business. Our interest is mainly directed towards establishing the client on the market, making every effort to be helpful to the extent that he himself realizes that the relationship with Dal Siat is necessary partnership.
  • Transforming our clients into priority does not intend financial security, and even more of a conscious appreciation. We understand that because even ungrateful our client we develop ourselves as individuals with vivid professionalism, knowledgeable, capable and socially useful.
  • We understand the success of customer served by us, expanding his business and his release of extra care as a result of our efforts as our success and as a fact of which we are proud.
  • We work in such a way that we become a permanent factor for success in the work of everyone, served by us, as well as in his plans for the future.

About Collective of Dal Siat

The collective of Dal Siat occupies a leading position both in care of the management and in the actions of every member

The care for the team requires management:
  • -to monitor closely the actions of each member;
  • -to provide the necessary assistance possible for normal social living conditions for continuous promotion of team spirit, promote professional development and construction of collective appearance with quakerish values;
  • -to provide modern working conditions under which each member of the team to be able to have the necessary scientific and professional information and act in modern methods.
Each member of the team realizes that:
  • -is interested in closer relations with others and to achieve this goal is sparing no efforts and resources;
  • -with his behavior he cites other as an example of tolerance, courtesy and concern, and in labor-professional aspect;
  • -emphasizing of positive and advantages in others and in their actions, opens new ways in front of him and to what affirms his personality.

About Dal Siat as institution

Dal Siat as an institution itself can not be a priority, but it is because it appears to be necessary for the team and for the clients.

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It is necessary for the served by "Dal Siat" persons because:
  • -Influencing on each member of the team, turns the result even of individual work into the bearer of the collective one and the working life of institutionalized team ensures high quality service
  • Performing business activity requires service, as from specialized in the branch persons as from protection mechanisms. The last ones are provided by a set of external services and actions indirectly related with the activity, among which may be the position occupied by the structure, which is the representative of the public administration and others. In this sense, the establishment of Dal Siat, as an institution provides the serviced by it persons additional protection.
  • the success of the served person is interconnected with its image. This image is approved or undermine a considerable extent with the image of its business partners. Therefore we are convinced that the more established itself as an institution Dal Siat is, the more it will add from its image to the image of this serviced by it persons;
  • institutionalization of the actions of the team of Dal Siat makes the business of the serviced by it persons more successful.
It is necessary for the team because:
  • application of human labor in modern conditions implies the emergence of relationships between more than two parties, heterogeneous in nature and its various directions. This formed a team for which the institution is a framework and precondition for its further development;
  • while the development of the team is nothing but conflicts between personal interests and views not belonging until this moment to the collective interest, the institution acts as an integrator with a strong character and a clear vision;
  • in the relationship between the team and third parties, the institution appears as a carrier of common interest, and as its substitute;
  • while seeing the team as a collection of individual efforts, the institution is regarded as a separate entity with power far beyond collective;
  • socially is more acceptable to highlight the positive qualities of the institution rather than the individual personality. This facilitates the realization of the product of each team member;
  • belonging of the individual to the institution, reinforces in him a sense of security, confidence and responsibility.

Excerpts from the regulations

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