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We know our clients’ names
We have the whole responsibility

We spend time developing personal relationships so that we can provide a service that is tailored to you and your business and to achieve your financial goals. Regular meetings and ongoing contact with you ensure that financial processes and the accounting in your company are in order and work entirely to your business.

In DAL SIAT we are not afraid to take full responsibility for any action taken in the course of working for your business, because we are interested not less than you about your company's financial situation by submitting the documentation on our behalf, contacting the control authorities and institutions on our behalf, as we only let the benefits be on your behalf!

We know what we have been doing for 29 years
Our team shares your goals

For over 29 years, DAL SIAT has been successfully positioned as a leading financial and accounting company with experience in various business fields not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. Thanks to our rich experience, we have come to understand that the most optimal model is the distribution of the work in teams that appear as primary units in which the activity is performed.

At DAL SAIT we are always up to date with the latest legal changes in the field of taxes, law and finance concerning your company. Changes are too dynamic, sometimes quite sharp and unexpected, and in order to handle that successfully, specialists in different areas are needed to cover the process as a whole.

Our contacts work for you
We are always here

As we strive to be as useful as possible, for several decades we have succeeded in creating and developing a wide network of diverse, adequate and correct partners, so that besides the services provided by our specialists, we can build a high quality, comprehensive service.

Whenever you need us, we are available, duty-on-stand-by accepted by DAL SIAT provides 24/7 physical and / or remote access, and our partner network in many cities and countries allows exceptional flexibility and mobility of our relations.

Our History

Dal Siat was born in the winter of 1990.
It was created by nine partners from the outset attract foreign participation, which put him among large private companies at that time (equity balance for 1991 amounted to over 76 thousand dollars).

The accounting firm of the company was created in 1995. Continuing the tradition and following its principles "Dal SIAT" keep its state and its sign as a sign of a quality service.Dal Siatmanaged to go through all the problems and upheavals of the so-called transitional period which with the arrival of each new government was characterized by new features and parameters.

During these years, "Dal Siat" participated in cultural and social life of the country, since the common rule allows to hide your income and to pay for your sins, without becoming "damned sinner" with lost prestige in tax offices and among friends circles.

Accounting teams of "Dal Siat" have claims that with their companies service - customers not only solve their problems and protect them from the wrong moves, but also contribute to their development within a reputable business.

(Exerpt from the "Pari" journal)

Our advantages

Accounting company Dal Siat is a shareholding company with a modern structure and since its creation is managed by specialists, headed by Doctor of Economics.

It is an assignee of "Dal Siat" Ltd., established in 1990, and "Accounting company Dal Siat" Ltd. - 2003.

DAL SIAT turned Collectivism into a way of thinking and behavior by:
  • Distribution of work in teams, appearing as primary units, in which the activity is performed
  • Increasing collective responsibility, affirming the individual
  • Synergy between team members with joint developments in individual accounting and / or other issues and events
  • Engaging in teams of members with different scientific - professional interests and economic training
Improvement of professionalism in Dal Siat is a continuous process by:
  • Integration of young and ambitious professionals with colleagues with more experience and practice, bearing long-established traditions and style of work
  • Two-stage internal control over the work of every accountant
  • Free access to each member of the team to broad in scope and quality network of professional information
  • Adherence to the accepted system requirements for obtaining different levels and positions
Accounting company DAL SAIT is a member of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise, Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, co-founder of the Association of Accounting Houses in Bulgaria - the first civil structure in the branch.
BCCI's rankings:
TOP 100 Bulgarian companies leading in the economy in 2017
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We offer

DAL SIAT provides a wide range of services in the field of accounting and financial audit, tax, processing wages and human resources management, business consulting, law, internal audit and risk management, corporate finance, analysis and planning, value management.

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