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There is nobody more interested than us to offer you our service at the most competitive price

Unlike most services, accounting services have this feature, that not always its buyer can predict what the outcome will be
Bargain is where we get the highest quality at the lowest possible price

The successful experience of "Dal Siat" as a manufacturer and trader in 1995 makes us sympathetic to the position of the consumer of the accounting service

When setting our prices we have in mind:

When negotiating the price of subscription we strive to:

Correctitude requires us to meet certain standards, and sympathy - not to use the same approach in negotiating prices

SK "DAL SIAT" performs services on the basis of a written contract, and representation - pursuant to a notarized power of attorney.

Excerpts from the Contract for accounting services:

“Any unjustified expenses and obligations of THE FIRST PARTY (CLIENT) that have arisen as a result of the activities of THE SECOND ONE (SK "DAL SIAT") will be at the expense of THE SECOND ONE, unless the consent in writing of THE FIRST PARTY has been given in advance."
“The Agreement may be terminated in case THE FIRST PARTY does not approve an eventually updated price list for quarters that follow next. In that case, THE SECOND PARTY undertakes to continue to do services for THE FIRST PARTY for yet another quarter at prices that have not been updated, provided the latter are not below the minimum ones.”
“Payment is done by a monthly subscription or for every individual service that has been rendered.”
“Payment is to be determined in accordance with the price list and the additional agreements, ...”

Criteria for determining the price:

in unregistered on VAT Law sole traders and companies with patent activity, depending on:

for non-listed in the previous paragraph - depending on:

Higher than offered by us prices are unreasonable, and behind the lower ones stands unfinished in our standards service


26 years we serve with tradition and style

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