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Public engagement

Since its creation in 1990 the management of "DAL SIAT" has realized its obligation to those sections of society who are conscience, spirit and future of the nation. For these are not saved means to support figures in the field of science, culture and art.

The least we do not delude ourselves that our contribution as it is significant, does not make us less debtors of each writer, poet, painter, actor, musician, singer and of any other artist who overcame the difficulties of the so-called "transitional period" and give the public his work.
Thanks to them, we have not lost the human in yourself, Bulgarian spirit and the smile of our children..

That is why we will make it possible for these communities to share their opinion about public engagement of DAL SIAT

Haygashod Agasyan

"We could not comment on the professional qualities of the accounting company "Dal Siat", but starting from personal charm, honesty, dedication and friendly charm of the family Lydianovi, we applaud the great work its professional peak! The love of the General Director of "Dal Siat" to Bulgarian culture is huge! He is one of the few of its, true patrons! As a fraction of Creators of Bulgaria, with a bow we thank!!!"

Katya and Zdravko

Duet Riton

"We could not comment on the professional qualities of the accounting company "Dal Siat", but starting from personal charm, honesty, dedication and friendly charm of the family Lydianovi, we applaud the great work its professional peak! The love of the General Director of "Dal Siat" to Bulgarian culture is huge! He is one of the few of its, true patrons! As a fraction of Creators of Bulgaria, with a bow we thank!!!"

Native art is hope for a better quality of life

Michail Belchev

Poet and Singer

"It's an honor for me the friendship and affection I have for PhD Adnan Lydianov. His charisma and professionalism make me proud to have such a friend. The specifics of his profession respect me. I am particularly pleased to note his encyclopedism and the respect with which relates to culture and its artists makes me hug him sincerely and wish him many more years of success. He deserves it!"

Georgy Toliyski

Poet and Journalist

"Culture of a nation usually survives the ambitions of its rulers. Because (pardon the immodesty that I will quote one of my aphorism): "Politics is also creativity. The difference is that politicians leave behind much more genius misconceptions than genius masterpieces ". And we live in just such a time. Which, however, is not extrinsical to the Bulgarian history. It's good, there was, there is and (hopefully) will be honest patriots who respect their own identity and vapor emissions, estates and donations in the name of their faith in the prosperity of the nation. In spite of greed, cynicism and carelessness that are dictated: "save individually your own skin". It's good that and those ravenous times when state, nouveau, riche adventurers follow this vicious motto remain still and such, thanks to which we have Botev, Levski, Sofia University and how many milestones of Bulgarian culture and Bulgarian identity, existing today. Whether modest or significant contribution of "Dal Siat" in this patriotic mission, will confirm the future. But I, like many of my colleagues, many adolescents and institutions in the field of culture are touched by it. Admiration and delight for "Dal Siat". Honor and gratitude for sponsorship, which makes for artists of Bulgarian culture, for cultural initiatives and events, for educational support to the youngest, coming after us Bulgarians."

To be the top, you must be upholded by the lowlands



"When our rulers, against the background of noisy rallies and big hopes forgot that we have children who grow up in the first years of the 90s of sponsored by "DAL SIAT" family television children's show "Something, some kind of, what’s-its-name" is dating our cooperation. Expressing my thankfulness and gratitude to "DAL SIAT" I refer to any entrepreneurs who in the difficult years realized their public debt and invested in Bulgarian, when our culture and our art were threatened. Thanks to "DAL SIAT" we started the program "Traffic safety for children", we made a series of children's events, with my colleagues we initiated a "Parade of Magic" and many others. Eleven awards that I got I consider as distinguishing of delusional Bulgarian art and the recognition of Bulgarian business, that in time has helped me and my colleagues to participate in our modest contribution to the cultural life of the nation. So the team of SK "DAL SIAT" has something to be proud of, along with their professional success."

Borislav Borisov

Prof. Angel Vekov


"Besides the object of its activity, DAL SIAT has its own merit and cultural development of Bulgaria. Headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences Adnan Lydianov, it maintains close and fruitful relations with the intellectual elite of Bulgaria. It supports and sponsors publications in the field of literature and history. I will mention only one fact: among the issued by "DAL SIAT" books in 1995 is the book "Notes from the secret archives" - First edition. It is well-known that a big part of the documentary heritage of Bulgaria had the terrible mark "Top Secret". "DAL SIAT" promptly realized the great importance and the process of its declassification issued the first ever book to which the scientific community had a great interest. PhD Lydianov has a sense to initiatives with cultural messages. There is no doubt that in this respect "DAL SIAT" managed to build its image and beyond accounting. This effectively supports cultural and educational activities for which financial capacity of the state is not enough. If his example is followed, and it must be propagated, the cultural progress of Bulgaria will accelerate and will satisfy increasingly growing needs of spiritual values."

Atanas Zvezdinov

Poet, Writer, Journalist

"Culture keeps tribal roots. Culture ensures the future of man. Culture improves the businesses also, helping for optimal solutions in it. That is why investment in culture is valuable and durable. Money is earned and money is lost, but the inputs in culture remain. In our busy and hard time, few business people have thought and realized this. One of the few is PhD Adnan Lydianov. With the opening of the "Dal SIAT" PhD Adnan Lydianov stoke on culture. In these extremely difficult for artists years when the state abandoned them, he made necessary to support them. I know that he cooperated with the artists, painters, musicians, writers, that supported a number of cultural events such as the creation of books, movies, TV shows, videos, audio and video cassettes, concerts, children's parties and much more ... Of course, most convincing is a man, when he gives an example with himself. "Dal Siat" supported me in implementation of audiotapes, radio plays in the creation of books and media appearances. At that time so important was not the amount of help, but the trust, empathy, support. Attitude of Adnan Lydianov towards the culture for him is an organic necessity, part of his nature as a person. That's why I know that I can count on him."

Културата е най-ценното достояние на един народ. Само тя прави малките народи равни на големите и дори ги нарежда преди тях.

Valentin Plamenov


"I met PhD Lydianov, naturally, by a children's show on Bulgarian National Television. Ever since my first contact I felt that in front of me stands a deeply noble, sensitive and talented person. I will never forget my first contact with PhD Lydianov - already as producer of the film "Notes on the Bulgarian mafia". Then I realized what a powerful creative ally I have got in his person. "Dal Siat" and is co-author of many of my shows - "Cabaret Bulgaran", "Hello", of the book of my childhood "Friend of the stars", which went around the world with the support, warmth and generosity of PhD Lydianov. When I'm tired, sad and lonely, just the thought that PhD Lydianov and "Dal Siat" are there, gives me courage and a smile to go ahead!"

Mrs Rositsa Pandova

Manager of the NPO "Culture Without Borders"

"While looking for the right path and working mechanisms to implement the ideas and objectives of the non-profit association "Culture without borders" we found allies in the person of SK "Dal Siat" and in particular PhD Lydianov, friend and ally. Past successes are primarily due to our work together."

Culture and accounting are different fields for realization, but correct accountability is Culture..

"Once I provided this page of representatives from the ranks of our cultural life, to share their views on public engagement of "Dal Siat" it was not intended for me to interfere further. But the way it was expressed the attitude of all to my persona, obliges me to share my gratitude and my belief that I have not deserved so. I always felt that my limited capabilities are not sufficient to return even part of what I have received. I am indebted to all the friends of the artists who know and do not know these, who are even impossible for me to meet. I am indebted to folk culture, everything progressive, fair and beautiful. I am debtor and to "Dal Siat" as an institution and its team, which makes it possible to be useful to someone."

PhD Adnan Lydianov

26 years we serve with tradition and style

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