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To have and raise our sense of humor does not diminish the seriousness of us.
This is a belief and a culture.

Enjoying the works of others, we feel obliged to thank them, as distribute their works. With our modest means we are trying to join them through humorous interpretation of our problems.


Secretary rushes in the director's office.
- Boss, somebody just stole your car.
- Immediately call the police!Did you look at the thieves?
- No, but I wrote down the number of the car.

Job Interview:
- I have four children.
- And something else you can do?

Chief politely asks a young employee:
- Whenever I enter the room, you work nothing. Why so?
- Well, because you enter too quiet.

A few weeks after he was fired, youth was called in "Staff" Department.
- When applying for this job, you said that you have completed English in Cambridge and you have a five-year experience. Now we find out that you have absolutely no qualifications and that this is your first job. What can you say in your defense?
- Well, the advertisement said that you need someone with imagination!

After 20 unsuccessful job interviews, I begin to think that my lucky tracksuit, in which I go to the interviews, is not so lucky.


25 years we serve with tradition and style

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