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Business consulting

Consultations related to accounting of clients served by SK "DAL SIAT" are an integral part of our duties.

We live with the problems of the business to facilitate our clients' success

Dal Siat offers consultation on:


which will be answered for free

  • accounting legislation

  • successful marketing solutions

  • tax practice

  • economic and tax regulations

  • analyzes and internal audit and marketing

  • strategic business planning

  • management

  • bank financing

  • cash flows

  • effectiveness of the operation of equipment and technology in production

Analysis, we offer you differs from the one that accompanies your every action by that that is performed by specialists whose position is unprejudiced. It is a prerequisite for promoting the success and elimination of the consequences of wrongdoing.

We provide research and discovery on:

  • управлението

  • prime cost

  • effectiveness

  • profitability

Accounting - legal analysis on:

  • actions of company authorities

  • appeal of tax, administrative, penal and other acts

  • preparation of tax audits, general meeting, audit, etc

Economic analysis associated with:

  • investment projects

  • business plans for applying for certain programs or before banks and other institutions;

  • techniques and technologies used in the enterprise and branch.

Planning, accomplished by professionals, presents the best possible results with the available resources. It is a means to achieve the objectives with minimal costs.

Planning of:

  • creation, expansion, splitting and merging of enterprises

  • production, market expansion and improving the quality of the product

  • organization of management, labor and relations with business partners

  • investment policy

  • territorial - sectoral development

Preparation of:

  • business plans for applying for certain programs before banks and other institutions

  • micro-investment plan

Management is a science and skill to maximize the efficiency of the resources available under certain conditions. The management is one of the youngest sciences, which in a short time was widely profiled

Consultation is not only access to competent advice but also a way to save time and money

Consultations, related to specific issues, themes and issues are accepted upon special request.

We offer

Tax protection

In the modern corporate world tax services are an increasingly important component in the success of a business.

  • tax consulting

  • tax procedures

  • tax planning

  • tax representation and control


Счетоводно обслужване

Счетоводната услуга е специфична главно поради противоречивата позиция на нейните потребители от една страна-съответният данъкоплатец, а от друга- държ. администрация и други институции.

  • определяне на счетоводна политика и изготвяне на индивидуален  сметкоплан

  • текуща обработка на счетоводна документация

Виж още...

Legal services

The main priority of Dal Siat is to be a factor in the creation, operation and development of your business

  • registration of companies

  • preparation of contracts and other documents

  • legal advice

  • representation and assistance


Administrative services

In Bulgaria administrative burden for companies is one of the main challenges facing everyone starting, operating and developing business.

  • issuing of permits, licenses, certificates

  • preparation and drawing up documents

  • submission of documents and correspondence with institutions

  • electronic banking in real time


26 years we serve with tradition and style

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