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Accounting Services

Accounting service is specific, mainly due to the contradictory position of its clients, on the one hand - the taxpayer, and from other hand - the state administration and other institutions.

In a manner of service:

  • Full accounting services:
     DAL SIAT performs all actions which are the responsibility of the accounting officer in accordance with accounting standards and applicable laws in Bulgaria. As chief accountant is responsible for accounting and appears as representative of the client served to state, municipal and other institutions, including tax administration.

  • Partial accounting services: 
     In certain accounting operation for a corresponding period DAL SIAT accomplish the outsourced services to which it reduces its liability.


which will be answered for free

In a manner of place of the service:

  • In the offices of Dal Siat

  • In sites of clients served

  • Distanced with guaranteed online connection

In a manner of type of service:

Accounting services

  • determination of accounting policies and the preparation of individual chart of accounts;

  • current processing of accounting documentation;

  • warehouse economy - reporting and inventory

  • tangible fixed assets - reporting, depreciation and revaluation

  • account relations (suppliers, customers, currencies, etc.).

  • registers and records on VAT Law and Law on Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses

  • preparation of financial statements and reports /medial and annual//

  • accounting reports for submission to third parties;

  • consulting, supervision and assistance


  • registration on VAT Law

  • representation

  • preparation and submission of declarations

  • tax audits

  • Refund of VAT in the EU

Wages and payroll services

  • administration and management of processes related to the recruitment and appointment of staff

  • collection, preparation and completion of necessary documentation for filing a labor file and its due registration in the relevant state institutions

  • preparation of the necessary documentation, according to the specific characteristics of the enterprise and position

  • preparation of monthly payrolls and associated documents

  • preparation of bank payment documents for social and health insurance, taxes

  • declaration before the NRA, NSSI, GLI and other representation

  • processing of patients' charts, issued to members of your staff

  • draw up labor and insurance licenses

  • preparation and assistance in documents for retirement

  • preparation of all reports, bills, notes and any necessary documents

  • information and reports for management needs, and timely information about changes in the labor and social security legislation

  • full assistance and representation in tax audits and inspections before the state and municipal institutions

Financial Audit

Verification is needed for successfully manage more than for authentication of accounting perfection

Independent audit company
Under the Law of Independent Financial Audit

  • Periodic, representative and annual inspections;

  • Verification and certification of the medial financial statements;

  • Verification and certification of the annual financial statements

System audit provides greater benefit than that which is required by law or at the request of other institutions

We offer

Tax protection

In the modern corporate world tax services are an increasingly important component in the success of a business.

  • tax consulting

  • tax procedures

  • tax planning

  • tax representation and control


Business consulting

Consultation is not only access to competent advice but also a way to save time and money

  • accounting legislation

  • tax practice

  • tax planning

  • tax representation and control


Legal services

The main priority of Dal Siat is to be a factor in the creation, operation and development of your business

  • registration of companies

  • preparation of contracts and other documents

  • legal advice

  • representation and assistance


Administrative services

In Bulgaria administrative burden for companies is one of the main challenges facing everyone starting, operating and developing business.

  • issuing of permits, licenses, certificates

  • preparation and drawing up documents

  • submission of documents and correspondence with institutions

  • electronic banking in real time


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