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About Dal Siat

Our History

(excerpt the Pari)

Dal Siat was born in the winter of 1990
It was created by nine partners from the outset attract foreign participation, which put him among large private companies at that time (equity balance for 1991 amounted to over 76 thousand dollars). The accounting firm of the company was created in 1995. Continuing the tradition and following its principles "Dal SIAT" keep its state and its sign. като знак за качествена услуга. “Дал Сиат” успя да преживee всички проблеми и катаклизми  на така наречения преходен период, as a sign of a quality service.Dal Siatmanaged to go through all the problems and upheavals of the so-called transitional period which with the arrival of each new government was characterized by new features and parameters. During these years, "Dal Siat" participated in cultural and social life of the country, since the common rule allows to hide your income and to pay for your sins, without becoming "damned sinner" with lost prestige in tax offices and among friends circles.
Accounting teams of "Dal Siat" have claims that with their companies' service - customers not only solve their problems and protect them from the wrong moves, but also contribute to their development within a reputable business.

Our advantages

Accounting company Dal Siat is a shareholding company with a modern structure and since its creation is managed by specialists, headed by Doctor of Economics.
It is an assignee of "Dal Siat" Ltd., established in 1990, and "Accounting company Dal Siat" Ltd. - 2003.

DAL SIAT turned Collectivism into a way of thinking and behavior by:

Improvement of professionalism in Dal Siat is a continuous process by:

СК ДАЛ СИАТ е член на Съюз за Стопанска Инициатива, Българска търговско-промишлена палата, Софийска търговско-промишлена камара, съосновател на Асоциация на Счетоводните къщи в България - първата гражданска структура в бранша.

We offer

DAL SIAT provides a wide range of services in the field of accounting and financial audit, tax, processing wages and human resources management, business consulting, law, internal audit and risk management, corporate finance, analysis and planning, value management

26 years we serve with tradition and style

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